الدراسة في Canada

Why choose Canada point of the study?

More than 150,000 foreign students, including thousands of Arab students, arriving in Canada each year to study in its universities, institutes and schools.

What attracts them to come to Canada year after year?

There are many advantages make Canada a destination typically attracts students from all over the world, and the Arab world in particular:

ü high level of education and a universally recognized

Canada attaches great importance to the education sector, has been developed for this purpose educated ahead of first-rate system. And is greater than what Canada spends on education compared to the national Bnatjha, the average for developed member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, the highest in the Group of Seven adults G-7.

Canadian students and assume steadily leading position in the global tests of reading skills, science and mathematics, such as those organized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to assess the level of students from different countries, an indication of the elevation of the level of graduates of Canadian schools. And Canadian educational certificates have a lot of respect and appreciation worldwide, and are seen as comparable to their counterparts from the United States and other developed countries.

There are a lot of prestigious international figures in academic or government or in business fields who have received part of their education at universities in Canada and institutes.

ü jobs

Accommodation for students coming to Canada visa allows them to do some work on campus. As they can work legally in the country for one year after graduation. (For more information see page visas on our site as well as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 1-Provide complete documentation 2-Students agree to the necessary tuition fees 3-Student,s obligation to pay the tuition fees 4-The student should be free of infectious diseases

    1-Certificate documented in english from foreign secondary

    2-Photo of passport

    3-Acopy of birth certificate english

    4-Four colorful portraits white background


Documents required to obtain a student visa in Canada

To study in Canada you need a visa (Visa) and the authorization or consent of scholarships and student authorization approvals usually need more than two months. Note that the documents required to obtain a student visa are:

4 photographs.
Financial documents showing the existence of the amount, which covers tuition and living costs during the study period.
medical examination.
League approval or institute in Canada (letter of acceptance)
Some universities and institutes needs to get on the TOEFL certain degree in this case, you must provide this certification.
As well as the passport must be valid for at least one year from the date of the expected visit to Canada. After reviewing your papers, the immigration officer may decide to work a personal interview.

Stretch-year university study in the habit of September / September to May / May and some universities quarterly per system to study or follow three semesters with the availability of all courses, even in the summer. No general tests in Canada for admission to universities but each university sets its own admissions standards, and evaluate the qualifications of applicants separately


The approximate tuition fees for overseas students
Public programs of Arts and Sciences in Canada


Annual fees Graduate studies
$9,780 $1,895 – $3,550 Newfoundland and Labrador
$9,430 $4,560 – $6,845 Prince Edward Island
$9,800 – $13,810 $4,610 – $16,335 Nova Scotia
$7,625 – $12,200 $7,080 – $9,145 New Brunswick
$9,770 – $12,970 $8,810 – $20,000 Quebec
$9,900 – $16,245 $5,500 – $36,035 Ontario
$6,575 – $8,300 $4,170 – $7,935 Manitoba


$9,490 – $11,480 $2,650 – $5,625 Saskatchewan
$12130 – $20,980 $5,880 – $33,500 Alberta
$14,995 – $17,535 $2,500 – $33,000 British Columbia

The study at the University of Toronto – Canada

It was established in 1827 and is one of the oldest and largest universities in Canada. Distinguish the diversity of nationalities and races for learners

The University of Toronto in Canada are provided by teaching English to foreign students

Here are dates and fees for English language courses at the university

2007 studying the schedule for the year Services expenses Health education fees The study period English course
N January 9 to April 13
September December 1115
$233 $5100 Fourteen weeks Preparation Academy Language
From May 8 to July 28 $180 $4600 Twelve weeks Academic preparation
From January 9 to April 13
September 11 to 15 December
$233 $5100 Fourteen weeks Language training to teach English as foreign language
From May 8 to July 28 $180 $4600 Twelve weeks Language training to teach English as foreign language

Tuition fees in the previous table, in Canadian dollars.
Do not include course textbook fees, and the prices and dates are subject to change


Human-medical-dentist-pharmacy-nursig-medical laboratory-anesthesia and resuscitation-medical technology.


Civil engineering-architectural-construction-bridges-medical-electrical-mechanical-electronic mechatronics-computer-IT-engineering genes-petroleum engineering (oil and gas) freely-industrial-water-control and control-interior design-graphic design-infrastructure.


Business administration-accounting-finance and banking-international business administration-marketing economy-public relation-international relation-political science-travel and tourism-management of hotels and restaurants-administration hospitals.


Biology-chemistry-physics-mathematics-biological-general science-fee literature-arabic-language-english language-date-geographically-law-sport-education-psychology-sociology-education technology-kindergarten-arts-sculpture-photography-radio and television-stage-musici-international law-commercial-criminal-administrative-public-nautical-constitutional-computer science-information systems-information technology-programming-maintenance-networks

The cost of living in Canada:

The cost of living in Canada vary by city and county you live on. The following are some prices and help you calculate the cost of living in Canada:

Monthly rent for an apartment with one bedroom from $ 450 – $ 1,000
Bus ticket (one way) $ 2.25 dollars.
Average meal restaurants: $ 10 – $ 20 Canadian dollars.
In general, you need almost to the equivalent of $ 17,000 Canadian dollars to cover expenses for the academic year of the study and living expenses include but do not include airline tickets

University fees

Perhaps the biggest bill will be paid during the life of study, are those of the university fees. Fortunately, the average value of these fees in Canada are the lowest compared with other English-speaking countries (the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand). For example, they are lower by a third compared to the American public universities, which is less than half the fees charged by the private American universities.

Study English and fees ranging from $ 900 – $ 1,200 Canadian dollars a month, depending on the school and how the lessons density.

The universities and colleges fees vary her difference, as well as in different fields of study. Applied Studies of engineering, medicine cost more than theoretical studies in literature and the arts. Overall, Valmaahid less expensive than universities. Here are some of the figures and indicators about the annual fees (all prices in Canadian dollars at the site).

Institutes between $ 9,000 – $ 18,000 dollars.
Preparations for university programs $ 9,000 – $ 12,000 dollars.
Universities generally $ 10,000 – $ 18,000.
Find in the bottom of the page table of minimum limits for tuition fees for some universities.


There are different options for student housing, where costs vary her difference. There is the option of staying with a Canadian families, or in private apartments or in university housing or hotels.

Housing with family

Canadians are known for gently Muasher, hospitality, respect for the ins and other cultures and religious beliefs. An accommodation with a Canadian family to give you the opportunity to interact closely with Canadian society, and the possibility of the practice of English (or French) in the normal course of daily life, and build close social relationships. Also, this option in housing is considered economically and convenient significantly, where the monthly cost ranging between $ 750 to $ 900 dollars per month, inclusive of the cost of normal for housing in addition to the meals.


Ranging rents condos within a relatively wide range. They vary according to cities, and regions within the same city, also vary depending on the dimensions and features covered in the lease. Valhqq in major cities are the most expensive ones in small towns and in the city center areas of high-end neighborhoods and the most expensive ones in the limbs. Some of these apartments furnished and equipped and fully leased, with rents some furnishings or partial processing, or no processing at all. Rental package includes, in some cases the benefits, such as a garage for the car, heating and hot water, pay TV and the Internet, or may not include any of these features at all. Therefore, the mere mention of the rental value does not mean much without that you know what you’ll get in return. It is common to a number of students resorted to renting an apartment in order to collectively cost pressure and secure residential environment suitable job. In general, rents range of one-bedroom apartments and other living with other utilities between $ 800 – $ 1,500 dollars a month.


Hotels are not economic option for long periods of residence, but you may need to temporarily at some stage. And ranging in price according to the classification and locations, there are cheap between $ 65 – $ 85 dollars per night, and the medium between $ 85 – $ 135 dollars, and expensive between $ 135 – $ 350 dollars. The five-star hotels prices begin from $ 270 dollars per night.

Guest houses (Hotels)

It is a cheap alternative to hotels for the purposes of temporary accommodation, usually provide a room to sleep and facilities (toilets) in common. Prices of such houses Ttrauj between $ 15 – $ 50 dollars per night.

Campus housing

Student housing is available on campus at some universities and large institutions, which is a typical option resorted to many of the students, as it represents the traditional student life in all its dimensions. The different rooms of this category in the breadth and quality, and usually involved occupants in facilities such as the kitchen, bathrooms and laundries. There are separate sections for both sexes, and there is also the option of accommodation in a single room for one person or participate with others. The rents range from this type of housing between $ 3.000 – $ 7.500 dollars per year.

Other expenses

health insurance

It is compulsory and costs about $ 60 dollars a month.

Public Transport

And it becomes necessary in case you live away from the university. And transportation costs vary depending on the city, and whether you need them regular daily, intermittent or occasional. Overall cost monthly subscription card open between $ 60 – $ 90 dollars. The taxi Vtklv so much, should not be thinking in its use except in emergencies.

Schedule an average middle-school fees in some Canadian universities

Graduate Undergraduate first
University annual fees League annual fees
U. College of Cape Breton $ 17,500 U. of British Columbia $ 21,575
Ryerson University $ 14,250 University of Toronto $ 24,000
University of Toronto $ 13,892 University of Waterloo $ 19,200
Dalhousie University $ 13,641 University of Calgary $ 17,880
University of PEI $ 10,624
University of Manitoba $ 11,120
Brandon University $ 6,250
University of